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1Sexuality is: (pick the best definition)

Having Intercourse

Whether you're attracted to men or women

The same thing as your biological sex

Part of who you are as a person

2Which of these body parts do only women have:





3In which of these body parts does a developing fetus (baby) grow?




Fallopian Tubes

4Guys should begin to do testicular self exams (TSEs) at what age:

25 (because this is the first age males are at risk)

15 (because most testicular cancer happens in males between 15 and 40)

45 (because males under 45 aren t at risk)

Never (your doctor does it for you)

5Women should start getting regular gynecological exams that include pap smears when they begin to have oral, vaginal, or anal sex, or when they turn 18, whichever happens first. A pap smear checks for which of the following:


Breast Cancer

Changes in the cervix that can lead to cervical cancer

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

6How often should women do self breast exams to check for lumps or irregularities?

Once a month

Once a year

When you get a new sexual partner

When you get pregnant

7When a woman ovulates each month, which of these gets released:




Vaginal Fluid

8What is sexual orientation?

A way to describe your own gender/sex

A way to describe the gender/sex of the people you have sex with

A way to describe people s physical/romantic attractions to other people

None of the above

9Gender identity is:

The same as biological sex

The same as sexual orientation

A person s internal sense of whether they are male or female

Determined by the clothes you wear and the way you look

10A person whose gender identity does not match his/her biological sex is often called:





11When communicating with a partner or a friend (whether it s about sex or not) which of these techniques is probably a bad idea:

Showing that you re talking for yourself by using I statements

Frowning or scowling

Listening to the thoughts and concerns of others

Making eye contact

12Which of these are ways to be assertive?

Be Honest

Be Direct

Say what you feel when you feel it.

All of the above

13Which of these sexual behaviors carries no risk of STDs?

Abstaining from vaginal sex


Vaginal Sex

Oral Sex

14Which of these is the only sexual activity that carries risk of pregnancy?

Anal Sex

Oral Sex


Vaginal Sex

15An orgasm...

May happen at the peak of sexual excitement

Sometimes doesn t happen at all

May include ejaculation and/or intense feelings of sexual pleasure

All of the above

16Which one of these statements about sexual abuse is false?

Sexual abuse happens whenever one person forces another to engage in any sexual behavior

Sexual abuse always involves intercourse

Sexual abuse may involve threats, bribes, or psychological games rather than physical force

Sexual abuse can involve making a person touch their own body in a sexual way

17Which of these birth control methods can also prevent STDs, including HIV?

The Pill

The Patch

The Shot (depo-provera)


18HIV can be transmitted through:


Shaking Hands

Breast Milk


None of the above

19HIV cannot be transmitted through:

Vaginal Secretions


Sharing a Meal


None of the above

20Which of the following statements about Emergency Contraception is not true:

EC can prevent pregnancy after a couple has had unprotected vaginal sex

EC is often called the morning after pill

If you are over 18 you can get EC in a pharmacy without a prescription

EC is a new name for RU86 it s the abortion pill