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It Still Matters Video Contest


How does HIV affect your world?

Please submit a 2 minute video clip explaining why HIV matters to you and what you do to prevent further infections. For example, do you use condoms with your partner? Do you talk to your friends about how to prevent HIV infection? Do you volunteer at a local HIV/AIDS organization? Do you purchase clothing lines from major retailers that support HIV research? The videos will be judged and the most compelling videos will be featured on the website. Judges will include professional experts from the field as well as young people. The winners videos will be highlighted on the website and the top 3 finishers will be awarded the following prizes: 1st: iPod and iTunes gift card, 2nd and 3rd: iTunes gift cards.


Please upload your TWO MINUTE or less video (20MB maximum size) below and check back in a few months to see who the winners are!