Sex Toys

Most people have a general understanding of sex toys today. Our minds consider the most talked about sex toy, the dildo, otherwise known as a replica of a penis. But, there is so much more to the world of sex toys, not only their different diversification, but also what they can add to your life. Sex toys are a great way to keep your libido intact without engaging in inappropriate or potentially dangerous sexual activity with another partner.

Let’s first look at the classification of sex toys in our world today.

The Different Types of Sex Toys

For the ladies, there’s more out there than just dildos. There are luxury vibrators that can be placed to your liking, including a massaging and vibration setting that moves according to your preference. There are dual function vibrators that can stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously, as well as vibrating dildos that provide a two-in-one sensation within the vagina. Dildos can also be designed for couples’ engagement, which is why strap-on dildos have become incredibly popular with both the gay and straight community.

Depending upon your preference, there are also anal toys, like anal beads, that can be used to stimulate the anal cavity. Additionally, “butt plugs” can be used to enhance sexual activity both solo and with a partner.

For men only, there are penis rings, masturbation sleeves, penis pumps, chastity belts and realistic sex dolls as seen here that can make interactive sex fun while helping the man to control his orgasm better. All of the aforementioned sex toys can be used alone, interchangeably, or simultaneously.

Why You Should Use Sex Toys

  • Sex toys stimulate your pleasurable areas in ways that you can’t do on your own.
  • Sex toys allow you to explore your personal pleasures.
  • Sex toys enable you to be creative and learn more with your partner – they are even used for couples counselling.
  • Sex toys are a viable alternative to unprotected sex or sexual activity that could endanger your health.
  • How to Stay Safe When Using Sex Toys and Sex Dolls

    First, identify if the item was intended to be a sex toy. Many times, if items were not specifically designed for sexual use, they can contain harmful chemicals and other components that make them dangerous for insertion. Sex toys should be smooth and unbreakable, made with non-chemical materials that is safe for internal insertion.

    After usage, use a sex toy sterilizer that will completely remove all residue and discharge from the sex toys. Never submerge a battery operated sex toy into the sink or any kind of liquid for cleaning.

    WARNING: STDs can be transmitted via sex toy recycling. That means if you go to use a toy that was just used on someone else, if they are carrying an STD, you could now contract this STD. That is why you either want to only ever use your own, prevent sharing, or ensure every item has been sterilized and cleaned with proper sex toy cleaners. Obviously, if you are using sex toys with a partner whom you regularly engage in sexual activity, then you should be safe in sharing the item. Get out there and explore your freaky side! Learn about sex toys that are right for you.

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